1. EdTutor (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a state-of-the-art education technology company which utilizes utmost care when handling information which is provided by you to the Company.
  2. This Privacy Policy applies to the Company and all other associated Applications, Websites, etc. You are therefore, requested to read thoroughly this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions and then subsequently take an informed decision before using any of the Applications, Websites and/or Services. Your use of the Application and registration through different devices, including but not limited to, tablets, SD cards, and/or other storage devices signifies that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and will be bound by such acceptance and may be held accountable in the court of law. In the event that you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions, do not use the Application, or avail any of the services provided by the Company.
  3. This Privacy Policy shall change/modify, as and when the need arises. Therefore, you are required to regularly review this Policy for any changes. Continued use by you after the Privacy Policy has been modified/changed shall mean you informed decision to accept and agree with the same.



  1. Cookies are text files with small blocks of data which the Company sends to your computer to identify your browser which allows the Company to help you login quicker and track your preferences. By knowing your preferences, the Company can ensure content relevant to your interest can be provided thereby enhancing your experience.
  2. If your browser has cookies disabled, some of the features may not function properly for you.
  3. Links are made available to you in a format which makes it possible for the Company to know whether such link has been visited by you or not. This way the Company can improve its tailored content.
  4. Please be advised that links may take out to websites outside the Company’s domain and therefore, the Company shall not be liable or responsible for the privacy practices adopted by such external websites. This Policy applies strictly to the Company only.



  1. The Company, obtains the data you provide when you download and register with us. The information provided during the registration process includes; (a) your name, age, email address, telephone number and location, (b) transaction-related data for when you make purchases or download and use our Applications, Websites and/or Services, (c) data you may provide when you contact us for any sort of help (d) any information you add into our system while using the Company’s Applications, Websites and/or Services for taking tests, and engaging in discussions.
  2. Some information may be collected automatically through your use of the Applications, Websites and/or Services which includes the type of mobile device, the ID of the device used, your IP address, the Operating System, the type of mobile internet browsers and information regarding the way you use the Applications, Websites and/or Services.
  3. When you access the Company’s Websites, the Company’s services automatically record certain information including internet protocol address, web request, browser language, browser type, the date and time you requested to login and one or more cookies.
  4. Other information may also be collected as per the permission granted by you.
  5. The Company will allow you to edit any personal information to ensure that the data you provide is accurate and up-to-date.
  6. It is your decision to fill or not fill any personal or sensitive information. If earlier you provided the Company with information which you now consider the need to retract, the Company shall give you the option to withdraw your consent. In order to withdraw such consent, you will need to inform the company in writing about the withdrawal of consent while clearly mentioning the type of information.
  7. If any such information is either not provided in the first place or later the consent is withdrawn, the Company shall have the right to restrict your access of its Applications, Websites and/or Services.
  8. To bill you for using the Company’s Applications, Websites and/or Services (as the case may be), we have outsourced a credit card processing company which does not save or share any personal information that you have provided.



  1. The Company may use information provided by you to notify you about our services, any other important information and marketing promotions. If needed, the Company shall contact you for more personal information i.e., information that will personally identify you.
  2. The Company may use your personal information to provide you with content, specially designed for your individual needs, to improve your learning experience. Certain services provided by third party companies may help assist us to improve your experience, by analyzing data and information provided by you. However, these companies are not authorized to share any of said information. None of your information will be sold, traded or shared with any third party, unless we have been authorized by you to do so – whether in writing, or electronically. Aggregate statistics about our clients, their traffic patterns and other site information, may be provided to certain third parties; however, the information provided will not be personally identifiable.
  3. The information collected from you is used to analyze diverse trends, carry out research, understand the learning patterns and study your behaviors.
  4. The Company gathers demographic information and the data gathered, whether accumulated or individual, whether known or unknown, may be shared with external service providers. However, such information will only be shared with third parties in the mentioned context hereinabove.
  5. Retention of any data provided by you shall be till three years after the account is no longer active. However, the Company may lengthen or shorten such duration as per legal and business requirements.
  6. The Company may need to retain any/all information you send via email or any other medium to process your complaints or enquiries etc.
  7. Any information which you choose to share/disclose on the Company’s Websites, such as messages, comments, pictures or files shall be visible to all other users. It is your responsibility to avoid sharing/disclosing any information that may put your safety at risk. Information that you post on discussion forums or on your profile is publicly available to others and the Company shall not be responsible of its use or misuse by any third person.
  8. Certain information may be disclosed by the Company as required hereunder: –
  • to comply with a request made by the government;
  • for enforcement of Terms of Use, including, but not limited to, investigation of potential violations;
  • if we believe that disclosing the information is essential to protect our rights, your safety, or the safety of others;
  • to investigate fraud;
  • to address technical issues;
  • to trusted service providers who work with us hand-in-hand and have agreed to the terms and conditions of our Policy;
  • in case of any potential harm to the rights, property or safety of our Application;
  • with third party companies to improve user experience by personalizing the Application;
  • if any minor’s personal information is provided by you, it is essential for consent to be given by the minor’s legal guardian.
  1. The Company may contact you occasionally, via email, telephone call and/or messages, to inform you about our services, promotions and other information that the Company believes is useful for you.



  1. As long as the log in credentials matches yours, the Company shall not question who is using the device to access the Applications, Websites and/or Services (as the case may be).
  2. To ensure that your information is used accurately, and to make the most use of our Applications, Websites and/or Services, it is vital that you use your own credentials.
  3. The Company shall take reasonable security measures to protect the security of your password.



  1. Security is of paramount importance to the Company and you are assured that reasonable measures are adopted to protect your confidentiality. The Company achieves this by providing physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to said information.
  2. Only authorized personnel who are responsible for operating, developing and improving the Company’s Applications, Websites and/or Services will have access to your information.
  3. The Company expects you to understand, realize and be informed that no security system can prevent all possible security breaches.



  1. It is essential that you provide informed consent prior to using any of our services. Your registration with us is indication that you have agreed to the terms and conditions applied, including; the collection, processing, storing, disclosing and handling of all information. Processing information is collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining, sharing, transferring and disclosing information. These activities are governed by the Laws of Singapore and any information or its applicability thereof shall be as per the laws of Singapore for Users around the world.



  1. In case of any grievances, you may contact us at:

[email protected]