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What classes does EdTutor offer ?

EdTutor offers the learning Apps for classes 9,10 and 11. (Matric and Inter-board, all across Pakistan)

Which subjects does the EdTutor learning app cover?

The subjects are  Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What languages is the EdTutor learning app available in

EdTutor’s learning App is available in both English and Urdu languages.

How do I get started with EdTutor?

Download the free app from Playstore.
Alternatively, you can view our interactive video explainers.

How can EdTutor App be effectively used as tuition center replacement?

The syllabus taught by EdTutor is as per the National Curriculum of Pakistan. It is based on the books used by Inter and Matric boards. Thus, it poses to be the perfect alternative for tuitions center’s by being cost-effective, time-effective and an all-encompassing study support.

Is there a way I can track my own study progress using the EdTutor app?

The EdTutor learning app is equipped with a learner’s profile which allows students to view their progress and development categorised as key statistics, test activities and lesson activities This allows students to track their learning development including overall scores for all subjects.
Furthermore, it allows users to keep track of their test skills and study time including their attempted tests and learned lessons.

As a parent, how can I keep track of my child’s learning progress and development?

The EdTutor parent app has been developed for parents to monitor the progress of the student from anywhere in the world.
This includes keeping track of the student’s time spent on studying, subject and chapters studied, with tests attempted and their scores.
It also shows what remaining chapters are left for each subject before the exams.

How does the EdTutor learning track work?

The EdTutor learning track is a gamified form of learning that allows the student to monitor all related video lessons and questions pertaining to a particular topic which are accumulated in a fun way in the learning track.

What is a Freemium model?

The Edtutor App can be downloaded for Free from Playstore.
First entire chapter for all subjects is available for Free.
You need to subscribe for the Premium model where the entire content is available.

What is the pricing and payment plan?

– Classes 9 & 10 are available for Rs. 4990.
– Class 11 is available for Rs. 9900 or in three equal instalments of Rs. 3300. For a one time payment get Rs. 1000 off and pay only Rs. 8900!

What is EdTutor’s subscription period?

The EdTutor’s subscription expires after the examinations of the Class for which it was purchased.

Does EdTutor provide customer support?

To get in touch with customer support, kindly reach out to us at EdTutor. +923017701347